Rediscover the Luxury of Real Rest

Restore your body with sleep you’ve only dreamed about. Embrace the pleasure of real relaxation.

Sound Sleep Starts with a Ritual

Relax with a spritz of our Dream Mist Pillow Spray paired with a warming Get Cozy Cream massage before bedtime. Your nightly ritual is elevated with our calming lavender scent to help you find your zen so you can get the sleep you need—night after night.

What Our Customers Have to Say


I use it every night. I have neuropathy and my feet cramp at night. It works well to combat this. I highly recommended the cream. It is a life saver.

Debby S.

I love this simple, easy to use, reasonably priced and amazingly scented roll on. I use it every night before bed. I am now giving it as gifts! Try it, you will not be disappointed!

Linda Z.

Rubbed the balm into my shoulder and within 20 minutes I could feel the pain beginning ease away! I was surprised to say the least. I have tried others but never had such wonderful results.

Patrica M.

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Los Angeles, CA


I've used the Sleep Tight Drops for the past week and have found I fall to sleep quicker and sleep longer. I awake refreshed and ready to meet another day. The taste is very pleasant.

Harry S.
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